Imagine a Museum For Dogs

dog gallery

Imagine a museum that showed only photos of dogs. That would be pretty amazing, we think. And, it would give dogs a chance to see how famous they are. At Dog Gallery you are given the impression that a dog museum is going on. Actually, it was the result of playing with a smartphone. But it does make you think – Why not?


Bogart The Handsome Devil Kissing Dog

Bogart kissing dog

Bogart boldly presents his resume: “Bogart Handsome Devil, Airedale Terrier and dog-about-town.” He has his own blog and his mom chronicled his growing up years on this blog. Bogart lives with a lot of cats too, and his mama Lulu. One sweet thing – Bogart believes that all women humans who own pets are mamas and he says all pets should kiss them on mother’s day. He even demonstrates how it should be done. If you think you need some practical advice on how to kiss your mom, just do as Bogart does. And visit him at his personal blog

A Plate of Cookies For Bodey the Dog

Bodhi the dog

What do you do when you have a great brother named Bodey? At Deep Acres Farm, Lola (the sister) baked a batch of cookies for her bro. The cookies called for organic faro flour, which is not always easy to source. Sometimes, Lola and her human end up using spelt flour instead. It’s all good. Lola and her mama made Bodey Date and Walnut cookies. A tip to make them extra special: After the cookies are baked, let them rest for a day. The Italians do it and the results are even yummier. Well, only the best for Bodey. Would you like to see these cookies that were baked for Bodey the dog? Go here.

Gold and Chocolate Cake


gold and chocolate cake

Nothing makes you feel more pampered than Chocolate Cake and gold. Of course, a diamond helps, but you already have that in your engagement ring. This goes off course from the traditional white cake but surprise – so what? What really matters is that you’re getting married and everything the bride wants, the bride gets on this very, very special day of hers. Including this gold embroidered and embellished chocolate cake. Yum.


Black and White Stripe Cake

Black and white statement Cake

This cake reminds me of the dress that Audrey Hepburn wore to the Royal Ascot horse races in the movie, “My Fair Lady.” She was simply lovely, and this cake is too. We love the play on black and white, the use of stripes on the top tier of the cake and on the ribbon at the bottom, and the damask filigree in the middle cake subtly mirrored by a touch of lace at the bottom layer. When the hubby feeds your cake and is quite slow at it, just refrain from saying (as Eliza Doolittle did), “Move your bloody arse!”

Man and Woman on Top

New play on the bride and groom on top cake

This fondant is so carefully sculptured that you are actually afraid to slice the cake and you wonder what the couple did when it was time to feed each other. It is truly a work of art, with pendants and bows. Gone are the days when the bride and groom dancing were usually a store bought item that was placed on top and surrounded with lace. Instead, this is an interesting twist to the tradition. You may not be able to keep the bride and groom, but the way they are worked into the design, with gracefully elongated bodies, is better than any plastic mold.