Singha Beer From Thailand’s Boon Rawd Brewery

Singha Beer source WikipediaIn the Asian war of the beer, Thailand’s 80-something year old brewery, Boon Rawd Brewery, has come up with what they describe as an authentic, original Thai beer. They refer here to Singha, which some say is truly decent and goes great with a spicy Thai appetizer.  Boon Rawd has the props to lay that claim, since it’s Thailand’s first and biggest brewery. Singha has a great golden hue and is fizzy and thick as it swells up the rim of the glass, then subsides. The end result is a biscuity malt quality with a balanced finish with a dash of hops. Singha is exported in neighboring Asian countries, Australia, Europe and the US. But there is nothing like getting the full Thai experience in the country itself. Tourists enjoy the beer with a tasty Thai appetizer. Go here if you want to know more about Singha beer. 


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