Coffee in Baguio’s Burnham Park With Mr. Hot

Mr. Hot 1

Here’s a man who found his business niche, his passion and a lifestyle that he enjoys. If you go to Baguio, once the R & R for American soldiers, stop by Burnham Park and grab a hot cup of coffee from Mr. Hot, the star barista of Baguio City.

Mr. Hot is a little bit iconic, and a little bit archetypical. You could say he embodies Philippine ingenuity with his coffee cart that he mows through Burnham Park with. He is known by all, tourists and locals alike. Less known is his true name, Carlito Ruazol, a former barista in top hotels  in Manila and Baguio city. Now in his late 50s, he brings warmth amid Baguio’s cold winds, even as having this business gives him more, precious family time.

He offers so many drinks in his cart, from brewed coffee to warm milk, but his biggest seller is instant coffee for P15.00, or less than 50 cents in the US. He has stood out because he dresses the part of a professional barista. Foreigners like to have photos taken with him because he’s been featured in local and foreign newspapers and TV shows including CNN’s iReport and klipismotret, a Russian website.

It’s not just the coffee Mr. Hot serves, it’s conversation. He gives advice on what places to visit in Baguio, and what bargain restaurants serve great food. He even gives you shopping advice.

But we wonder if Mr. Hot realizes that he, himself is also a tourist attraction of this windy city? For more info on Mr. Hot go here. 

Mr. Hot

Take a look at this video to see how hot Mr. Hot is.


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