Multi-tasked Coffee Table, Anyone?

Ditmar Coffee Table

You get extra storage and somehow, there is a very nice feeling you get with flowers on your table while you’re working. It’s called the Ditmar lift-top storage coffee table, made of wood framed in a steel tub, and it’s light brown color adds to the overall feeling of, well, lightness. It’s easy to assemble, and is a discreet way to add function to your living room without being too obvious. Great space saver. For more info, go here.


Coffee Tables, Anyone?

I fell in love with the table above, for sentimental reasons. It is exactly like a table my mom used to have, only the top is marble. I’m thinking, it looks surprisingly fine with a nice, solid block of natural wood, standing on a tubular steel frame with a dark bronze hue.  The table was made in Indonesia, but is sold at Crate and Barrel. 




Cool Tip #1

hair conditioner

Note: The photo is a 19th-century advertisement for 9 hair care products from a company named Dupuy.

If you have extra conditioner that you don’t use, avoid the trash bin. Try using it to shave your legs. It’s upcycling, and you will have nice, smooth legs.

Amanda Sanft Beats What She Blogs

Amanda San ft. boho

Amanda San ft has perhaps got the most comprehensive selection of boho wear – clothes, accessories, furniture et. al. And while we loved her collection, we like her photo best. She embodies boho, which could be why we prefer her personal photo to that of professional models going bo. It’s not a lifestyle, it’s a fashion choice that speaks about who you are. For the total collection of boho, visit Amanda’s blog here. 

Kate Bosworth and Coachella

boho kate bosworth and bf Michael Polish

Steven Tyler once said, “It’s expensive to look this poor.” The same could be said of going boho, especially if your brand is Coachella. But Kate Bosworth wears it very well. With boyfriend Michael Polish she shows up in a beautiful black and grey printed mini dress, a waist length big metal belt  long bangles, and the oversized sunglasses. But the boots and the large jacket add the perfect finishing touch to her boho look. It all seems carelessly put together, but it is definitely not cheap. For more Coachella boho fashion go here.

Rachel Zoe Boho Queen


Rachel Zoe may be a stylist for the stars, but she is not afraid to create her own signature look. While flare pants aren’t in vogue, she makes it look good. And her boho look has brought the bo to the front of the row. Big sunglasses, platforms and a fabulous scarf that falls perfectly are paired well with her necklace look great with her leather cuffs. Of course, you can always go for a more affordable Zoe and you’ll see some ways to do it, here. 

Boho Headbands


boho headband

Headbands are a great accessory for la vie boheme, aka boho. There are a number of styles to choose from. What’s important is that your hair falls well with your headband. It has to be tousled, but just slightly so. A kind of organized chaos, if you will, and very simple, natural and fresh. The nice thing about boho hair is that it is so fuss free. The more imperfect, the better it looks. Perfection is boring, anyway. For more boho go here.